• Watch the Lamborghini Urus Hit 60 MPH in 2.93 Seconds While Sounding Ridiculously Awesome

Yup, I Cannot Even Believe The Urus Could Be Quicker To 60 mph than The Huracan

It has happened. The Lamborghini Urus accelerated to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. In one of their latest videos, Drag Times reported and clocked a massive Lamborghini Urus accelerating to 60 mph in exactly 2.93 seconds. To show you just how amazing this feat is, you have to know that Lamborghini officially disclosed that the Urus will accelerate to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds. I was aware that Lambo is conservative with its acceleration estimates, but not half a second conservative.

What Makes The Lambo Urus To 60 mph In Less Than 3 Seconds?

In short, a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged, V-8 with 650 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. Obviously, it is not that simple; especially considering that the latest Rambo Lambo weights 4844 lbs. Add to that a driver, fluids, mandatory equipment, and a full tank of gas, and you have yourself a 5,200+ lbs SUV. Luckily, the Urus uses all the magical technology of the Volkswagen Group’s MLB Evo platform. Actually, I guess it is the flagship of the whole group in regard to SUVs.

Upon selecting Launch Control mode accessible via the Corsa Mode and ESC button, the Urus is ready for acceleration as brutal as in the Tesla Model X P100D.

Actually, the Model X may be quicker for a few yards off the line, but then the might of the 650-horsepower V-8 will most certainly motivate the Urus to catch up and overtake. After all, with a stretch of road long enough, the Urus would eventually reach 190 mph. The Model X cannot do that. Ever. In fact, I am rather certain that the Urus would be quicker from 100 mph to 150 mph than any Model X.

The Urus Is An SUV With Proper Supercar Speed

Watch the Lamborghini Urus Hit 60 MPH in 2.93 Seconds While Sounding Ridiculously Awesome
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The test you above includes a VBOX measuring device, so it is a credible information I think. The $200,000+ Lamborghini Urus dashed to 60 with some serious urgency, definitely showing that not only do we live in a world full of astounding hypercars like the Speedtail, the Senna, the Chiron, and the Valkyrie but we, in fact, can touch supercar performance levels even with massive and heavy SUVs.

Drag Times, you should have put the two against each other for the ultimate drag race, but I will only guess that you are waiting for the right moment to publish a separate video on the matter. Can’t wait! Bear in mind that the Model X P100D is eerily quick too. It will, apparently, slash a quarter of a mile in freaking 11.61 seconds. Can the Urus match it?

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