The E-Class is about to show off an all-new face, or so we hope

The updated Mercedes E-Class has been teasing us for quite a while. It started with several sets of spy shots taken during the usual prototype testing phase. Then, Mercedes found it necessary to tease us constantly, but the day is finally here. Even better yet, Mercedes isn’t only showing off the updated E-Class – the hotter AMG version will also be making its debut. we’re not sure if it’s just the E53, the hardcore E63, or both, but we’re leaning toward the E53 being the candidate of choice here.

Despite the excitement for the updated E-Class’ debut, we already know a lot about what’s coming. This facelift will come with, and I shit you not, no fewer than seven different plug-in hybrid trim levels. Apparently, just about every trim will be available as a hybrid, including at least one diesel-electric model. Of course, availability is a market-level scenario so you may see one or you may see them all (don’t hold out hope for the diesel in the States, obviously.)

A new 2.0-liter four-cylinder will probably be the highlight here. It’s internal designation is M254 and it will supposidly be good for 268 horsepower on its own with the 48-volt mild-hybrid system adding in an extra 20 ponies and an undisclosed amount of torque. The M256 inline-six will also be on the list (borrowed from the CLS) and will be good for 362 ponies plus the traditional mild-hybrid allotted 20 extra ponies. Lots of fresh interior tech will follow as well, some of which taken directly from the new S-Class. The livestream starts at 7:45 AM GMT or 2:45 AM EST for you night owls out there.

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