Outside of all the negative publicity from Tesla drivers being idiots and blaming Tesla for their own stupidity, and the recent onslaught of Tesla fires lately, it’s hard to remember that cars like the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X are some of the safest cars on the road. But, the truth is that they are. Their crash test ratings are amazing, and the Model X takes a miracle to flip over. Be this as it may, you never really know how safe a car is until it’s put to the test in the real world. This video that you’re about to watch proves exactly that.

This video took place inside the Barcelona tunnel in Spain just last week, and it shows a grey station wagon drift out of its lane, clip a black compact car, then head on the Tesla Model S. As far as to why the wagon drifted from its lane, we’re completely unsure, but we’ve found out that the driver of the station wagon was fatally injured. That in itself makes it all the more amazing that the driver of the Model S, as seen just a couple of seconds after the crash, walks away practically unscathed. The crash was so bad that the station wagon’s engine was even thrown from the car.

Check out the video below to and prepare yourself for a rather scary-looking accident.

Tesla Model S Crash

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