Automotive manufacturing is a marvel to behold

Just a few weeks ago we brought you a short video of the 2017 Nissan Titan and Titan XD rolling down the assembly line. Today it’s the Ram 1500. The video comes from the same fine folks over at and shows how the Ram goes from rolls of steel to completed pickups heading to dealerships nationwide.

It all starts in the stamping room where large machines pump out fenders, hoods, doors, floor pans, and other components. The parts are then welded together by an army of robots to form the shell of the pickup. The body then moves to paint, where it is submerged into a bath of primer that coats every nook and cranny with rust-prohibitor. Once baked on, the truck body then moves to the color booth where the final coats of blue, red, orange, white, green, silver, or black paint are applied.

At another side of the assembly plant, workers add components to the boxed frame rails, including suspension parts, hub, brakes, fuel system components, and the drivetrain. Mid-way through the assembly process, the chassis section meets up with the body and is lowered into place. Workers make the final connections between the two before heading to the trim department.

In trim, the trucks really start taking shape. The bumpers, grille, dashboard, carpet, seats, and exterior badging are all added. With the truck complete, its engine is started for the first time and the truck rolls off the assembly line under its own power. Quality checks and tests are done before the trucks are loaded onto transport trucks and trails for shipment.


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