• Watch the Rimac C Two Deploy Its Active Aero on the Track

Rimac went to Croatia’s Grobnik race track to further fine tune the C Two

The production variant of the Rimac C Two is coming at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, but Rimac isn’t exactly on holiday these days. The two-seater, all-electric hypercar needs to be locked and loaded by the time Geneva kicks off (unless the recent coronavirus developments will force the authorities to cancel the show), and Rimac is hard at work to ready the C Two for its debut.

Rimac applied the finishing touches on the aero and suspension setups

Watch the Rimac C Two Deploy Its Active Aero on the Track
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Building a fully electric hypercar is no walk in the park. The same goes for fine-tuning its every system. The sheer complexity involved makes this a lengthy process, that’s why Rimac is only now tweaking the C Two’s aerodynamic properties and suspension.

The Croatian supercar maker has recently shipped two pre-production test prototypes to the Grobnik track near Rijeka, Croatia, where its engineers had the task to do a full system check-up, but with special focus on suspension and aero abilities in particular.

Watch the Rimac C Two Deploy Its Active Aero on the Track
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One of Rimac’s main goals was to make the C Two drivable at normal speeds. Despite the fact that the hypercar will pack a hefty electric punch, it will be driven mostly at down-to-earth speeds, around the city, where it needs to offer a more than pleasing driving experience, and the suspension obviously plays a huge role in the driver-car-asphalt interaction.

The C Two will feature a double-A-arm suspension with electronically-adjustable dampers and active ride-height. That way, it would be able to adapt to various environments, from urban to highway and then on to circuit driving. What’s more, the active aero setup includes bits and bobs such as front/rear splitters and a rear wing that adjusts to generate more or less downforce depending on the situation.

Watch the Rimac C Two Deploy Its Active Aero on the Track
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Both the suspension setup and the active aerodynamics will be managed by a smart control unit that reads an array of parameters, knowing when and how to adapt according to what’s asked from the driver. What’s more, the C Two’s body has a baked in aero coefficient (Cd) of 0.28 in low-drag mode.

Known performance specs and figures for the Rimac C Two

Watch the Rimac C Two Deploy Its Active Aero on the Track
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Until further notice, the Rimac C Two is set to produce 1,408 kW (1,914 horsepower) from four independent, permanent-magnet electric motors fed by a 120-kWh battery pack.

Rimac expects the C Two to offer a maximum range of around 340 miles or 550 kilometers (according to the WLTP testing cycle), but we expect any attempts at unleashing the hypercar’s full flair to bite a chunk out of that estimate.

The 0-60 mph sprint takes 1.85 seconds inside the C Two, which can carry on the charge to a top speed of 260 mph (418 km/h). The driver and passenger are protected by a prepreg carbon fiber monocoque cell, which is stiffened through the process called prepreg - essentially, the fiber is splashed with a special resin that adds extra stiffness once it hardens.

Rimac C_Two Performance And Powertrain
Battery Pack Capacity 120 kWh
Range Per Charge 340 miles
Electric Motors four
Combined Horsepower 1,914
Torque 1,696 pound-feet
0-60 mph 1.85 seconds
Top Speed 260 mph
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