How did… why did… wait, what?!

Around these parts, the Reliant Robin is considered to be, well, a little strange. A lot of it boils down to the drivetrain layout, with two driven wheels in the rear, and a single wheel up front to steer. The set-up helps with regards to licensing, as the Robin is technically considered a motorcycle in its native England. However, dynamically speaking, it’s pretty unwieldily on the road. Basically, it goes like this - if you take a corner with any kind of velocity, the car will roll right over itself, something Jeremy Clarkson demonstrated with dramatic clarity back in the old Top Gear days. However, against all odds, someone decided this was the right platform to build a fire-breathing hill climb racer. Seriously. We have the video to prove it.

This sub-4-minute clip comes to us courtesy of the YouTube channel HillClimb Monsters, which claims this mean green machine comes packing with 110 horsepower and 12,000 rpm thanks to a Honda CBR 1000 engine swap. It’s also got a wide body kit to help fit the larger wheels in back, a full aero kit, and a stripped interior for even less weight.

Seeing this thing rage up the hillclimb is like watching a one-legged man do a tightrope walk. You hold your breath in anticipation of something going wrong, with every corner presenting a new opportunity for the unique little racer to roll off and add some of that green paint to the grass. Amazingly, the driver holds it together, all while the high-strung powerplant does its thing at full chat.

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