Because Crown Vics make cheap jump cars

The ole Duke Boys put their 1969 Dodge Charger, affectionately named the General Lee, through countless jumps over the TV Series’ six-year run. No matter how rough the landing, the boys never seemed to skip a beat, despite their car supposedly being held together with duct tape and bailing twine. Sadly, each of those jumps cost a real-life Dodge Charger its life. These days finding one is getting harder, and those that are still around have seen their price skyrocket. So, it comes to no surprise that “The Dukes of Hazzard” superfan James Smith chose to build its own General Lee from an old cop car.

Yep, Smith started with a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria with relatively low miles despite it being nearly 20 years old and having served time with the Portland Police Department. Every body panel came off, including the roof and trunk supports. With a bare chassis, aftermarket Charger parts started going on. Impressively, the A-pillars are actually part of the roll cage. Smith even hand-built the Charger’s iconic split grille from leftover aluminum and the plastic grate from a household box fan. In fact, the front fenders, trunk lid, and fuel filler cap are the only authentic Dodge parts. Naturally, that means this car is expendable. Wreck it (or in this case, jump it), and the only loss is a worn out Crown Vic, the cost of aftermarket parts, and sweat equity.

Smith has gotten his money and time out of it though. The car was used for a music video before being painted in General Lee livery before its big jump. Best of all, the car survived its two scheduled jumps and will likely live on so jump again.

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