Two people driving a BMW X5 in South Africa are very fortunate to be alive after a botched carjacking by a group of men posing as police officers. Rekord East, the local newspaper for Pretoria East, reports that the white BMW 1 Series hatchback was equipped with blue lights and the men were wearing jackets, bulletproof vests and had weapons that made the couple believe they were police officers, and most of the terrifying incident was caught on video by an eyewitness.

By the time the video starts, the male passenger had already been placed in the back seat of the 1 Series, and the woman was attempting to get away from two of the men. Initially, the eyewitnesses thought the carjackers/kidnappers were legitimately the police and commented that woman shouldn’t try to get away. It soon became clear that the situation was more serious than they had imagined.

At some point, the woman from the X5 realizes the men are not police officers, and she tries to run away before being dragged back to her vehicle, punched and then thrown in the back seat. The women recording the video then realize something is wrong when the two cars just begin to drive off and the man jumps from the moving hatchback. This creates a diversion and the woman escapes from the back seat of the X5 and she runs toward the witnesses, who are now on the phone with the real police.

The car speeds off with all the men in the car, and the X5 and its occupants left behind. The report goes on to say that two shots were fired in this incident, but there were no injuries reported. Police later found the 1 Series abandoned with all of the weapons and police equipment still inside. It doesn’t sound like any of the men have been caught.


Source: YouTube

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