Lots of drifting too!

There’s nothing like a Shelby Cobra 427 revving its big V-8 engine - it’s even better when it happens at the race track. And, this footage recorded by YouTube user "bbrandle2" at the 2017 Goodguys Pleasanton Autocross is proof that the original Shelby Cobra is a crowd pleaser. And loud. And downright awesome!

Sure, modern Mustangs and Camaros are cool too, and a Dodge Viper lapping the Laguna Seca is something I could watch for hours, but nothing compared to the magnificent Cobra 427 that Shelby Carroll himself designed in the mid-1960s. It has the looks, the power (425 horsepower of it!), the exhaust note, and all the fame a muscle car can get. Seeing one in action is a real treat too, since the 427 was produced in less than 350 units, including S/C and Competition roadsters.

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Drifting a Cobra? Hell Yeah!

Granted, it’s not too often that you can see a Cobra 427 drift its way through a cone-made track, but it’s exactly what makes this video as exciting as it gets. Much more so since it takes a lot of skill to control a superlight roadster that has a massive, big-block V-8 under the hood. These things are prone to leave the track in the hands of inexperienced drivers, so whoever is driving this 427 know what he’s doing.

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