• Watch This Subaru WRX With a Six-Speed, AWD, and Four-Cylinder Break Into The 7’s: Video

Did you ever think a four-pot Impreza could do a 7-second quarter-mile run?

Here’s an Impreza that can complete a quarter-mile run in 7 seconds. It’s not the first Impreza to break into the 7-second territory, but it’s the first to do so with a 6-speed manual transmission. Now you’ll understand why they call it the ’White Bullet.’

Can you imagine shifting your way through a manual 6-speed transmission in order to complete a quarter-mile run in 7.96 seconds? It’s hard, especially when you have to contain the might of a +1,000 horsepower AWD Impreza at the same time. But it isn’t impossible as the guys from White Bullet Racing have proved at Maryland International Raceway during the World Cup Finals recently.

A manual Impreza that runs in the 7s bracket. Need we say more?

White Bullet Racing from Puerto Rico started off with a blob-eye Impreza that was able to run in the 10-second bracket with the stock turbocharger in place. From then on, the ball started rolling and, last year, they went below 9 seconds with a time of 8.46. But, naturally, work didn’t stop there and, this October, the team achieved a mind-bogglingly fast 7.96 at the same event in Maryland.

To say that's an insane feat aboard an AWD, manual, Impreza that still has the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine up front would be an understatement.
Watch This Subaru WRX With a Six-Speed, AWD, and Four-Cylinder Break Into The 7's: Video
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Obviously, the car had to be extensively modified for the challenge. Everything that wasn’t of immediate necessity was dumped to save weight.

It now has a 2.83-inch turbocharger that helps the 2.5-liter boxer produce over 1,000 horsepower.

To keep everything in check, the cylinders were entirely sleeved. What is more, the car has a 2.0-liter injector and a fuel cell-fed fuel system. All that power reaches the ground through some 28-inch slick tires. Thanks to the sleeved engine, they can run with a 9.0:1 compression ratio with aftermarket pistons. Previously, the team ran high compression CNC pistons that were less reliable.

To begin to grasp the insanity of this project you’ve got to watch the video below which shows the car in action on the drag strip. Surely, there are cars out there that are quicker, but no stick shift Impreza can beat it - for now.

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