• WCC Challenger Convertible

WCC Challenger Convertible
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Star power couldn’t event sell this one. Towbin Dodge (from King of Cars) commissioned West Coast Customs (from Pimp My Ride) to build what the factory wouldn’t: a Dodge Challenger convertible. The car went on eBay last week but the $50K+ higest bid wasn’t even enough.

More info and pics after the jump.

WCC Challenger Convertible
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The WCC Dodge Challenger convertible was commissioned by "The King of Cars" John Tobin, owner of Tobin Dodge in Las Vegas. The vehicle started out as a Challenger R/T, which lost the roof and then received a custom wide body kit. The taillights were then blacked out and a stylish rear spoiler added.

WCC Challenger Convertible
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The interior of the vehicle was then recovered in contrasting white and black leather and a premium Polk audio system. To compliment the sounds coming from the speakers WCC added a sports exhaust for that signature muscle car rumble.

WCC Challenger Convertible
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The most outrageous modification to the Challenger convertible are the staggered 26 inch Asanti wheels. The rear wheels features one of the deepest lips around.

WCC Challenger Convertible
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The car was originally up for sale on e-Bay, but fell the $50,200 offer fell short of the reserve price.

WCC Challenger Convertible
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  (19) posted on 04.8.2009

wow....just wow. of course no one wants to buy that. i mean sure i bet they could have sold it if they didn’t do just about everything wrong. for starters what wants a black and white themed car. just ugly. second, who ever though those rims looked nice should be shot, ok maybe not shot but definitely mauled by lions or really large angry house cats. other than that i idea of a convertible and the wide body kit, not bad. but total fail of application!

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