If you watched the live podcast this morning, you are well aware that I am heading to Miami to take part in this year’s Gumball 3000. As you read this I am likely in the air on my way to the sandy beaches and hot cars of Southern Florida.

While there are more than one hundred cars on this year’s grid, the one I will be spending my time with is a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. The car and team are owned by an online dating company called Anastasia Date, and two lovely ladies from the company are going to be the main pilots of the car on its 1500+/- journey to New York City.

The trip officially begins on Thursday, but there are lots of things to see and do on Wednesday, so expect to hear a lot from me.

After the jump I have included every social outlet I will be using, if you are interested in all the different ways to keep up with my live coverage. I have also included a photo of the lovely ladies who will be piloting the car along most of its journey. I was even nice enough to include some info about some of the other cool cars that are in the rally. Enjoy.

Feel free to Tweet in my general direction if you have any questions or comments about the car, the team, or the event. I may even try to do a live stream chat from the car if the cell signal holds up. Anything is possible.

Check the jump for the best ways to keep up with Moe during the rally, see some pretty cool people, and learn more about some of the teams.

Follow Moe

You can follow my progress of this trip in several online locations.

If you prefer Twitter, you can check out my personal feed @Moeferd, and the @TopSpeedPodcast feed will likely see a lot of content as well.

If you prefer to go the Instagram route, my Instagram name is also @Moeferd.

If I do get the chance to do a livestream of some sorts it will be hosted here on my YouTube channel.

Drivers and Teams

We Are In The Gumball 3000 Rally! Models Female
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There are over 100 cars in this year’s rally, and while I am excited about driving around a Gallardo Spyder with the two lovely ladies you see here, we might have the most boring car on the grid. Deadmau5 is coming in with Tory Belleci from the Mythbusters to race a custom Ferrari 458, a team named Galag has built a replica Batman Tumbler, and there are even exotics like the SLR Stirling Moss and more. Even Tony Hawk the skateboarder is coming out. Overall it looks like it will be quite the event.

Keep your eyes here, as well as on those media links I posted above to follow me on my journey.

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