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While BMW isn’t even thinking about dropping its current design approach (ahem, the bucktooth grille) on some of its sports car, Munich has been hard at work promoting the new M3/M4 via a mini-series of videos that focus on the performance sedan’s and coupe’s features.

This time around, we’re getting schooled on how and why the new M3 and M4 sound the way they do.

We Bet You Didn't Realize How Much Effort BMW Made to Make the M3 and M4 Sound Amazing Drivetrain
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Sound - whether it’s coming from the engine of the exhaust - is that one feature that can make or break a sports car. Of course, power, torque, transmission crispness, and grip all count a lot, but as it happens more often than not, people get to first interact with a given performance vehicle by means of their eardrums.

That said, don’t be surprised that nowadays, carmakers employ sound designers to boost a car’s vocal resume. Sure, there’s no V-8 anymore under the M3’s hood but the flat-six doesn’t sound too bad.

Either way, a car that wears “the most powerful letter in the world” has to deliver way above average in this department, which is why BMW M took the necessary precautions to make sure the new M3 and M4 will not disappoint.

2021 BMW M4 Competition Exterior
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As you’ll see in the video, there are a couple of factors the influence just how badass a car sounds. One of them is the geometry of the exhaust manifold. Another one is, obviously, the exhaust system itself. Then come the mufflers and ultimately, the engine setup. These are all concepts that BMW M tweaked extensively, with the greater goal of squeezing as much roar from the new M3 and M4 as possible.

That said, we’re not here to judge a car’s “singing” abilities, so in the end, it’s fans and customers that get the final say.

PS: If you don’t feel like watching the whole clip, just skip to 3:20 for the juicy bit.

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