It makes sense considering China is practically the world capital for electric mobility

BMW has been far from quiet about its plans to electrify damn near anything with four wheels and a BMW badge, with models like the BMW iNEXT, i4 (based on the i Vision Dynamics,) and the iX3 planned to show their production-ready faces this year. As it turns out, the iX3 could very well be the first of the three that we get to see and it could happen at the Beijing Auto Show in China.

What’s the iX3 Doing in Beijing?

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The iX3 is one of just 25 models coming to life from BMW’s electrification plans

The iX3 will, in case it isn’t obvious, be the all-electric version of the current-gen BMW X3. It’s one of just 25 models coming to life from BMW’s electrification plans but, as of the time of this writing, we don’t know much more about it. It should feature a range of at least 300 miles and should go into production by 2020. As to why it’s showing up in Beijing, well that’s just a smart place to do it. First off, China is big on EVs, and that’s exactly where BMW is going to get a big foothold, much more so that it will initially get here in the States. Plus, it gives us plenty of time to suck it in and get all antsy over it coming to the states in a couple of years.

BMW deciding to debut random EVs is going to be a repetitive news topic for some time to come. Expect to see the i4, based on the i Vision Dynamics, show up soon followed by the iNext Crossover. In fact, the more I think about it, the more likely that the iNext Crossover will be the one that debuts here in the U.S. since, after all, it’s all about the SUVs and Crossovers here, right?


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