• We Could Soon Live in a World Where Bugatti Sells a Daily Driver

The term “daily driver” holds a slightly different meaning here it seems

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Fresh off the news about Bugatti planning more Chiron-based cars and only weeks after Bugatti teased a new supercar, we’re now learning that Bugatti could actually be focusing on a daily driver as a second model in its lineup. So far, there’s no word as to what shape this second model might take as Bugatti continues to insist that no decision has been made. There is, however, a toss up between whether this second model will be an all-electric sedan that wears the Galibier name or an SUV-like vehicle akin to that of the Bentley Bentayga or Lamborghini Urus. The question now is, when will Bugatti finally make the leap, and when will we see it?

You Can Probably Expect that “Daily Driver” to Be All-Electric, Even If It’s An SUV

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In an interview with Autocar, Bugatti boss, Stephan Winkelmann, expressed that a new, second model of the Bugatti family doesn’t have to be for the weekend warriors. Instead, the focus would be making something that can be used on a “daily basis and would definitely have a different shape compared to the Chiron. Winkelmann even has expressed his interest in this daily driver being of the electric variety:

In my opinion, electrification would be the right approach

However, this needs to be taken with a bit of unique understanding as Bugatti won’t mess around with hybridization. Winkelmann feels that hybridization isn’t “cutting-edge technology” and that the brand will go one way or the other: internal combustion or all-electric.

We Could Soon Live in a World Where Bugatti Sells a Daily Driver Exterior Exclusive Renderings Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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If this news triggers your anxiety a bit toward what this means for Bugatti exclusivity, don’t let it. See, “daily driver” has a completely different meaning for a brand like Bugatti and Winkelmann has explained that a second model wouldn’t have any negative effect on the brand as the car – be it a sedan or SUV – would still be built in limited numbers to the tune of the “low thousands,” despite the success that brands like Bentley, Lamborghini, and – to a lesser extent – Aston Martin have from their new SUVs.

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When all of this will happen is still a mystery, but don’t expect it to happen soon. Before Bugatti can do anything, it has to answer to daddy VAG, and the bean counters over there are more focused on clearing the brand’s dirty name and launching its EV onslaught. Since adding a second model would mean doubling the size of Bugatti or more, allegedly, get the go-ahead from the heads of VAG won’t be an easy task. On top of that, Bugatti refuses to use a platform from any other brand, so it would have to build its own new platform. In other words, you’ll definitely see the Ferrari Purosangue before the second Bugatti launches, and you might even see the second-generation Bentley Bentayga too.

Source: Autocar

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