Don’t ask why the male driver is in his underwear....

Chinese firms have never shied away from replicating some of the most loved and respected cars ever to have graced our world. From the Bimmers to the Range Rovers, to the Audis, there is no upmarket car that has not been knocked off. No, these are not mods which you can put in ‘weird car’ section, laugh for a minute, and then forget about. Some of these rip-offs are manufactured by big-shot automakers, and the resemblance is so uncanny, that you wouldn’t even touch it with a ten-foot pole.

A Cringe-Worthy Wannabe

We're Pretty Sure BMW Will Have a Problem with this "Mini" Knockoff
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As if the Lifan 320 wasn’t enough, this time they have again targeted the Mini. This mini version of the Mini is so unsettling that you might want to tear your eyes. It’s not just the exterior, but even the interior has been replicated.

But, to be fair, the interior actually looks quite nice, and somehow it feels like an electric car.

However, the cherry on top is the guy sitting inside in his underwear. Why? Have a look at the pictures, and you can cry over it as well. It reminds me of the famous sign in Ohio – “Hell is Real”! Want to share your thoughts on this? Hit us up in the comments section.

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