It might not have been the prettiest race, but it sure was a dandy. Cars scrambled in the pits, wheels flew off of Mercedes cars, and million dollar drivers made key errors, but the overall 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix was pretty darn good.

At the end of the race, it wasn’t the winner we were talking about; it was the controversial move by Michael Schumacher that nearly ended his race and Rubens Barrichello’s. The two cars were dueling down the front-straight when Schmacher moved his Mercedes over in an attempt to block the Williams car, nearly putting Barrichello into the wall. “It was the most dangerous maneuver against me I have ever known,” said the Brazilian of an incident which earned the 41-year-old Mercedes a 10-place grid penalty at the next race on Aug 29.

After the race was completed, it was Mark Webber who was on the top of the podium and at the top of the points table. The Red Bull driver took advantage of a drive through penalty for Sebastian Vettel, which was assessed to him after he fell too far behind the safety car.

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It was clear at the end of the race that Vettel was more than upset. He threw his cap on the ground and plead with an FIA official after the race. He even refused to join the champagne celebration on the podium.

“He wears his heart on his sleeve,” said Red Bull team principal Christian Horner to the Telegraph, who was otherwise delighted with his haul. “It is part of a learning curve for him but it is all about the points at the end of the year.”

Now, we have a ways to go before the next race. Formula One will take a four-week summer break with Webber leading the championship. The way in which the Red Bull driver won was quite interesting, as it seemed he wouldn’t be able to crack the top three at first. The Australian driver was kept out during a safety car period when the rest of the field pitted for tires. Had Sebastian Vettel not made that crucial error, he would have easily won the race, as Webber needed a lead of 20 seconds in order to pit and come out in front. With Vettel in second, Webber wasn’t quick enough to pull out that sort of lead. After the drive through was complete, Fernando Alonso was second and not nearly quick enough to keep up with the Red Bull of Webber, allowing him to get the massive lead that was required in order to pit and come out in first.

The win gave him a four-point advantage over Lewis Hamilton, who had a terrible day in his McLaren. In fact, both McLarens struggled to find anything in Hungary. Hamilton retired due to a gearbox failure and Jenson Button came home in eighth.

On a positive note, both Sauber cars claimed points and every new team, including Lotus, Virgin, and Hispania, finished the race.

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