Swiss company Weber Sportscars which has 18 years experience in the manufacturing of automotive components is going to unveil self-designed still unnamed supercar. This brand new supercar will be extremely lightweight (estimated weight is 1100 kg) and ultra fast vehicle. The body will be fully made from carbon while the chassis from high-strength airplane aluminium (weights only 65 kg!).

This ultracar will be powered by mid-mounted 7.2-liter V8 supercharged engine. The company still does not want to give away what the maximum power is (We only could to predict that if it had 1100 hp this car would have 1000bhp/tone power-to-weight ratio!). 1100 hp is not so unrealistic because estimated Weber supercar’s top speed is over 400 km/h (249+ mph)! In this 4WD vehicle will be also mounted semi-automated 6-speed gearbox.

However, there is no exact price and pictures of the car published so we have to wait until the official world premiere of this car at Top Marques Monaco (19-22 April, 2007).

Estimated specifications:
Heigth: 1150 mm / 45.3"
Length: 4500 mm / 177.2"
Width: 2040 mm / 80.3"
Wheelbase: 2900 mm / 114.2"
0-60 mph: 2.7s
Top speed: 400+ km/h / 249+ mph

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