Apparently, this is a case of spontaneous combustion

The Husband of a “West Wing” actress Mary McCormack was sitting in traffic when his Tesla Model S suddenly begin to spew fire from underneath the driver’s side. He was flagged by another driver and pulled over, avoiding any injury, but the actress has decided to play the drama card and send a little heat Tesla’s way.

“Thank you to the kind couple who flagged him down and told him to pull over. And thank god my three little girls weren’t in the car with him.” She continued, “It wasn’t a Tesla with Autopilot or whatever. It was a normal Tesla.”

Of course, the kids have nothing to do with it, and it’s just a way of putting more doubt in the Tesla brand out there. According to ABC News, nobody was injured, and it was confirmed by Lt. Dan Nagelmann of the LA County Sheriffs Department that there was, indeed, no collision.

Tesla has issued its own statement to The Drive, saying, "This is an extraordinarily unusual occurrence, and we are investigating the incident to find out what happened," a Tesla spokesperson told The Drive. "Our initial investigation shows that the cabin of the vehicle was totally unaffected by the fire due to our battery architecture, which is designed to protect the cabin in the very rare event that a battery fire occurs. While our customer had time to safely exit the car, we are working to understand the cause of the fire. We’re glad our customer is safe."

Of course, at this time, there isn’t a trend with Teslas catching on fire outside of those involved with a collision, and spontaneous fires do tend to happen across all major brands, including GM, Hyundai, and Kia, among others. At this point, at least nobody was injured, as that’s the most important thing. But, thumbs down to Mary McCormack for trying to be a drama queen on twitter about it.

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