December 2015 is going to be a huge month for fans of Star Wars as the seventh installment of the legendary movie franchise — aptly called Episode VII: The Force Awakens — hits theaters all over the world. The anticipation is building up, and as most of you can imagine, everybody’s trying to attach themselves to the movie in any way, shape, or form they can. The folks over at Car Wow managed to do just that by tying up two things near and dear to my heart: cars and Star Wars.

It might seem strange for these two things to be joined together, but somehow, Car Wow was able to do that by designing a slew of real-life cars and tie these redesigned cars up to characters from Star Wars. The results are nothing short of incredible as it gives us an idea on what kind of heavily customized cars Han Solo and Darth Vader would be driving in this particular galaxy.

Some of these designs are fantastic while some are less so. But overall, it was a tremendous and admittedly creative undertaking that deserves to be mentioned. Just a note, though, for the very few fans of Jar Jar Binks. Prepare to cringe.

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Wedge Antilles’ Lamborghini Countach

What Cars Would The Star Wars Characters Drive
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I’ll start things off with Wedge Antilles, a relatively minor character in the Star Wars universe that still seemed to garner enough adulation from fans despite being in the periphery of most of the happenings in the franchise. I’m not going to hate the hustle though, because Wedge somehow managed to score the most iconic car in this list: a Lamborghini Countach dressed up in the famous A-wing fighter.

The white body color of the Lambo strikes a nice balance with the pale red shade that defined the look of those A-wing fighters. The seemingly uneven eyebrow just above the headlights isn’t an accident either. That can also be seen in the actual design of the A-Fighter.

Similarly, the flat front end of the fighter planes is also evident on the front section of the Countach. Side-mounted blasters are also included and the rear section, although indistinguishable from this angle, now gets the benefit of having the same air stabilizers as the actual A-Wing fighters.

Han Solo’s Millennium Charger

What Cars Would The Star Wars Characters Drive
- image 653613

For someone with the boisterous personality of Han Solo, it’s only right that he gets a car with a similar character makeup as that of his trusty ship, the Millennium Falcon. This Dodge Charger, otherwise known in this exercise as the Millennium Charger, has a lot of the attributes commonly associated with the Millennium Falcon.

The massive headlight configuration is a direct representation of the massive ship’s sublight engines. The same can be said for the ship’s white body color with touches of red graphics and the small satellite dish located in front of the driver’s side exterior mirror. The dish is understandably smaller than the one found on the Millennium Falcon, but the impact of its inclusion is no less important to give the Millennium Charger the authentic Millenium Falcon look. Han Solo would be proud.

Luke Skywalker’s Mazda MX-5 Land Speeder

What Cars Would The Star Wars Characters Drive
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The Mazda MX-5 is the kind of quiet and unassuming sports car that has become more popular than even Mazda intended it to be. In some ways, it’s a direct reflection of Luke Skywalker, the mild-mannered yet ambitious central protagonist of the first Star Wars trilogy who rose through the ranks despite all the odds stacked against him.

In keeping with Skywalker’s roots, the MX-5 was designed after the young Jedi’s X-34 Land Speeder, the open-seated civilian land speeder Skywalker used during his formative years in Tatooine. The body graphics of the MX-5 reflects the X-34’s color scheme, right down to the latter’s hood design. The side propulsion engines are noticeably absent on the MX-5, but that’s the only thing lacking from an otherwise stellar representation of young Luke’s beloved X-34.

I also like how the Mazda MX-5 also has those blue headlamps representing Skywalker’s light saber. More than just the seemingly quirky addition, those lights serve as a nice bridge between Skywalker’s childhood and the Jedi master he would eventually become.

The Storm Trooper’s Alfa Romeo Giulia

What Cars Would The Star Wars Characters Drive
- image 653612

This one’s the trickiest one to judge because I’m not really a fan of the Stormtrooper’s look. I have come to appreciate it over the years, but I think I’m not the only who will say that it’s an acquired taste, to say the least.

In any event, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is the perfect car for the Stormtrooper. It’s not a market leader by any means, but it does serve its purpose as an all-around go-getter, so long as it doesn’t bump into barriers that aren’t tall enough for its roof. The treatment itself is remarkably spot on, which is kind of the problem since the Stormtrooper mask looks way to complicated, even by modern-day standards.

That kind of too-many-things-going-on-at-the-same-time vibe is reflected on the Giulia as the entire front section of the car gets direct references to the mask. The angular hood that rises in the middle is a nod to the nose bridge of the mask while the windshield and the roof represent the visor and the helmet. The Giulia’s front grille was also changed from the standard mesh version of the current model to vertical bars that represent the air outlets on the mask. Then there’s the front bumper and the air intakes, both of which were completely altered to the shape of the chin and the two induction filters.

The car Stormtrooper Giulia does have its redeeming qualities, beginning with the decals on the wheel arches that represent the exhaust filters of the mask, the spoke-less wheels, and the exterior mirrors that I think is inspired by the auditory sensors on the mask.

Darth Vader’s BMW Z4 Roadster

What Cars Would The Star Wars Characters Drive
- image 653616

Speaking of intimidating, there’ probably no movie villain in our lifetime that was as naturally scary as Darth Vader — the one-time Jedi Knight who fell victim to the Dark Side. While I would’ve preferred a more iconic sports car like the Porsche 911 to fit Darth Vader’s billing, I have no issues with the use of a BMW Z4, especially with the guise it’s wearing. Where do you even start with all the references here?

Ok, so I’m gonna start with the matte black color scheme of the Z4, which is weird considering I would’ve played more on the metallic side to fit the shine on Darth Vader’s costume. But I’ll let it pass because everything else on this Z4 is spot on. The V-shaped silver stripes that run along the hood perfectly represents the shoulder and neck plate of the Sith lord. Likewise, the exposed engine is a direct nod to the array of buttons found on Vader’s chest plate while the separated windshield and the hardtop roof captures Vader’s iconic mask and helmet, respectively.

Even the array of cuts and angles on the modified Z4 are representative of Darth Vader’s armor. Same with the Death Star logo, which replaces the BMW badges on the roadster. Last but certainly not least, I can’t let this end without mentioning the integrated front bumper and lip spoiler that pay homage to the mouthpiece of Darth Vader’s mask.

My only suggestion to really smash this Z4 home? How about red headlights to represent Darth Vader’s red light saber?

Darth Maul’s Hornda NSX

What Cars Would The Star Wars Characters Drive
- image 653617

I know Halloween’s over, but if there ever was the perfect costume/car tie-up to celebrate the occasion, I can’t think of anything better than Darth Maul and this Honda NSX, or as it’s come to be known, the Hornda NSX. Just like Darth Vader’s Z4, the incredible rendering perfectly captures Darth Maul’s dark tyranny. The array of horns spread throughout the car is a nice homage to the devilish, double-light saber-wielding Sith lord. Same thing with the predominantly red finish, mixed in with black graphics that capture Darth Maul’s rather peculiar skin color.

The aggressive aerodynamic bolt ons on the NSX aren’t direct nods to Darth Maul’s physical attributes, but they do represent the kind of ruthless aggression that Darth Sidious’s first apprentice had when he was at the top of his sinister game. Extra points to the yellow LED headlamps that represents Darth Maul’s evil yellow eyes and the double red light saber that conspicuously found its way into the rendered art. See it just below the front door?

Bobba Fett’s Mercedes G-Wagen

What Cars Would The Star Wars Characters Drive
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This tie-up is absolutely flawless. If you’re a feared intergalactic bounty hunter with a lust for taking the proverbial scalps, you need a car that’s as no-nonsense as you are. Enter Mercedes’ menacing, V-12-powered G-Wagen and you have the perfect ride to help you in your assignments.

To fit Fett’s character, the G-Wagen comes ready to rumble with an arbor plate that can withstand just about anything it deals with. Up front, the G-Wagen’s headlights have been covered with thick armor that’s inspired by the Mandalorian warrior’s helmet design. His unmistakable tusked skull logo also sits menacingly where the Mercedes badge used to be, while the G-Wagen’s green, red, and yellow color scheme was taken straight from Boba’s uniform colors. Rounding out the modifications on this particular G-Wagen is a custom side exhaust that’s actually based on the bounty hunter’s trusty blaster gun.

As scary as it is to see Darth Maul’s Hornda NSX in your rearview mirror, it still can’t carry the same amount of raw fear people will have every time they see the Bobba Fett G-Wagen in their rear view mirrors.

Jar Jar Binks’ Nissan Juke

What Cars Would The Star Wars Characters Drive
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Unlike most of the Star Wars fan base, I actually have a soft spot for Jar Jar Binks, the well-meaning, if not clumsy Gungan outcast. He’s gotten a ton of flak for being one of the worst characters in the entire Star Wars universe, but I did appreciate his comic relief in Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. That said, Car Wow didn’t do Jar Jar any favors by giving the Nissan Juke the full Gungan experience.

The color scheme actually looks great and I’ll even give some props to the custom decal on the grille and the tattooed graphics on the upper half of the crossover that were inspired by the skin of Jar Jar Binks. But, the absence of quality wheels and the lizard-like headlights are major turn-offs. And lest I forget, what’s the point of that tongue sticking out from under the front bumper? I know Jar Jar Banks had such a habit, but does it have to be included in the Juke?

This is arguably the most “method” of the renderings, but I’m afraid that the designers took it a step too far. Poor Jar Jar Binks. The dude really can’t catch a break, can he?

Source: Carwow

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