Although he didn’t expand on the subject, Chevrolet’s former Vice President Brent Dewar showed audiences this slide as part of the electrically propelled Volt’s unveiling at the L.A. Auto Show last week. General Motors has touched on the topic of producing user friendly applications for both the Blackberry and iPhone for their new battery operated production car by the time it arrives in showrooms across the country, but they still aren’t saying exactly what the program will do. Our best guess is that the smartphone applications will be based around recharging the Volt’s batteries, we have heard that Chevy’s BEV will come from the factory with features like programable recharging. A penny pinching move that allows owners to wit until rates go down after midnight to start charging their Volt.

What could the Chevy Volt do with a smartphone app?
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So what could GM do with the world’s greatest key fob? Using a smartphone with an LCD screen as opposed to a palm full of plastic that is limited to only a few fixed buttons will allow the software engineers to go as far as their imaginations can take them. If you thought that the new Prius’s remote activated ventilation system was cool, the Volt app should put the tiny gas sipping Toyota to shame. Although it probably won’t let you operate the car like James Bond drove the BMW 750 in Tomorrow Never Dies it will most certainly bring a bit of fun to owning a Volt. The ball is in your court GM.

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  (221) posted on 09.27.2010

Create also for the Chevy!

  (331) posted on 08.8.2010

It’s really unbelievable on how this small gadget could change the history of the electric car.

  (555) posted on 01.11.2010

It’s kinda hard to imagine that an application on a smartphone can charge a electric car that seriously speaking, I don’t know how can they do it. Well I know they don’t want to spoil it up so Chevy goes onto the modification process of dealing with this strange application.

  (808) posted on 12.13.2009

A HSPDA phone that can charge a car battery? That’s a big news if it’s true. But anyways I hope Chevy is not bluffing on this matter because as people expect the most about it, the more the shame they’ll get.

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