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It looks like the Coronavirus ‘catastrophe’ has not affected Tesla one bit. The automaker finally commenced deliveries of the Model Y in the U.S. and it has been the talk of the town ever since.

The Model Y is the fifth production model from Tesla and is going to be the most important product in the lineup. In fact, even Elon Musk believes that Model Y will eventually be the highest-selling product for the company. Now that the crossover is out, does it live up to its hype? A few popular YouTubers managed to get their hands on it and here is a recap of their initial impression about the Tesla Model Y.

Throttle House

  • The Model Y reviewed is the Deep Blue Metallic shade
  • In terms of dimensions, it slots between the Model 3 and Model X, although much closer to Model 3
  • Optional third row makes it a seven-seater
  • Dual motor setup – one on each axle
  • A lot more spacious and with more storage spaces than the Model 3
  • Performance - 315 miles range/145 mph/3.5 seconds 0-60
  • Long Range - 316 miles range/135 mph/4.8 seconds 0-60
  • 75 percent part sharing with Model 3
  • Fairly stable, but not as much as the Model 3. That’s due to the body design and the suspension setup
  • Better than the Model X on the corners, but not the Model 3
  • Bigger sport brakes with 21-inch Uberturbine wheels
  • Looks very similar to the Model X from behind
  • Hatch opens automatically and is mighty spacious (via the app, perhaps)
  • Similar to the Model 3 on the inside
  • 15-inch infotainment touchscreen as the Model 3
  • The glass roof is massive
  • Piano Black used on the center console and it’s a fingerprint magnet
  • No falcon doors
  • Reclining back seats
  • Big cargo space, but not enough to accommodate the third row; perhaps, suitable only for kids or pets
  • USB C-type ports
  • The $7,000 Autopilot is an option
  • Will serve as a RoboTaxi in the future
  • Has panel gaps
If there’s one thing that Tesla hasn’t been able to get around, it’s the panel gap.

I say the gap because there’s just one noteworthy panel gap on the whole body. Tesla has come a long way in terms of sorting out these flaws, but for a company that has a sister company that builds rockets with pin-point accuracy, it’s still baffling to see it not being able to get rid of this issue. The Model S and Model X suffered from it, and so did the early examples of the Model 3. Tesla tried to make it better on the Model 3 in later production models and even succeeded to an extent.

Many people were worried about the gaps on the Model Y. Although it seems a lot better than how the Model 3s where when they started rolling out, things are still not fully air-tight.

The biggest gap comes on the left-hand side edge of the hatch, right above the taillight.

It isn’t something that is a deal-breaker, but once you see it, you can’t help but notice it every time. If you happen to have OCD, well, God bless you!

Ryan Shaw

  • Leaked info about the Trailer Mode with 20-inch wheels, 3,200-pound towing
  • Panel on rear bumper where the tow receiver could fit
  • 20-inch induction wheels are a $2,000 upgrade
  • No chrome on the body
  • Wireless charger standard
  • Power tailgate. It can be operated through the app as well as the button on the tailgate (perhaps, even the screen?)
  • Two under cargo compartments
  • 40:20:40 split for the rear bench, flip the center seat and you have a long pass-through

Ryan spoke about the towing related stuff in this video. He notes that a leak has come to light, courtesy of, that seems to be about the Trailer Mode on the Model Y.

This is contradictory to the official news that the Model Y is not equipped for towing.

However, the latest crossover seems to have a trailer mode and a trailer harness. So, can the Model Y tow or not?

The Trailer Mode could be offered as an over-the-air update later on; but the necessary hardware might not be ther. Tesla has pulled a similar stunt in the past also when it announced an OTA update for rear heated seats on the Model 3 Standard Range Plus. The Tesmanian posted an image of that Model Y manual that reads like this:

“Regulations require all trailers to be equipped with tail lights, brake lights, side marker lights, and turn signals. To provide power for trailer lighting, a built-in 7 pins wiring connector is provided near hitch support’s wiring plugs for most types of trailers. Plugging in trailer wiring into the Model Y electrical connector automatically engages Trailer Mode.”

This information isn’t available in the U.S. manual, so perhaps it’s the Canada-specific Model Y. The manual mentions that the maximum towing capacity and tongue weight are rated at 3,200 and 2,000 pounds, respectively, provided there shouldn’t be over five occupants in the car and it should be riding on 20-inch wheels, among many other conditions. Unlike here, the Model 3 is rated for towing in European countries. The same could happen with the Model Y. But, the question is, being a crossover, will Tesla allow towing in the future through custom upgrades, official accessories, or over-the-air updates?

Tesla Raj

  • Deep Blue Metallic Model Y reviewed
  • Big frunk that can accommodate a carry-on suitcase
  • Model 3 headlights and fog lamps
  • 21-inch Performance wheels with red calipers on the namesake trim
  • No chrome on the body
  • Larger side mirrors when compared to the Model 3
  • Panel at the rear that can be removed where the tow hitch receiver could be placed
  • A mighty big cargo that can swallow five carry-on suitcases and one underneath the cargo compartment (sub-trunk)
  • Power liftgate
  • Door panels, window switches, stalks, touchscreen, like the Model 3
  • Off-road assist exclusive to Model Y
  • Ample legroom at the rear for three people, but there is a dearth of shoulder room
  • The backrest adjuster of the rear seats is a sweet setting, pull the tab near the headrest once and it goes down one level out of three
  • Emergency release latch in the rear door compartments under the flap
  • Buttons in the trunk to flip down the rear seats in a 60:40 ratio, but not to pull them back up in place
Tesla Raj stressed on the various measurements of the crossover and noted the differences between the Model Y and the Model 3. The cars share 75-percent of the parts.

So, what’s difference? I won’t be getting into the measurements, space, and so on.

However, the 15-inch touchscreen is the same as the Model 3’s, but the Model Y receives a unique off-road assist setting that turns off the traction control so you have better control over your crossover. The rear AC vent console receives two USB C-type ports. Even wireless charging is standard on the Model Y. The Model Y doesn’t have a pedestrian warning system, either. On the outside, the wing mirrors are larger than its smaller sibling. There is a button to close the tailgate as well.

Other Model Y Video Reviews Worth Watching

Here’s the official "Model Y deliveries begin!" video from Tesla:

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