More details about the Tesla Pickup and Tesla Semi could be in order later this week

The top story this week is the highly anticipated arrival of the Tesla Model Y crossover. That happens at the automaker’s L.A. Design Studio on Thursday, March 14. Expect news feeds from all over the Internet to be about the upcoming Model Y. But if you know Tesla, specifically CEO Elon Musk, the Model Y’s debut won’t be the only thing we’ll be talking about in the coming days. Musk has made a habit of using dedicated Tesla events as platforms for unexpected surprises. We don’t expect anything to be different when the Model Y finally takes center stage in its own debut. The question, though, is what kind of surprise does Musk have up its sleeve? Well, we have a few ideas in mind, one of which involves Tesla’s plans for its future commercial vehicles.

What Else Will Elon Musk Surprise Us With at the Model Y Debut Computer Renderings and Photoshop Exterior Exclusive Renderings
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2019 promises to be a huge year for Tesla as the Model Y’s debut happens around the same time as production of the Model 3 ramps up.

That doesn’t even include new details about the Tesla SEMI and the Tesla Pickup, two models that are also in the pipeline. We might also see updates to the Model S and Model X at some point this year. Outside of these new models, updates to Tesla’s tech features could also happen, possibly sooner than most of us expect. All these items could happen this year. The question is: which one happens on Thursday?

New Specs and Production Timetable for the Tesla Semi

2019 Tesla Semi
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2019 Tesla Semi

It’s no secret that Tesla’s developing a semi truck for commercial purposes. The cat’s out of the bag on that one.

Tesla even set an original timetable to have the truck ready for production by this year.

But in typical Tesla fashion, that timetable has been pushed back, in part because the automaker hasn’t said where it plans to build the all-electric truck. Perhaps that’s what Tesla CEO Elon Musk has in store for us later this week when the Tesla Model Y makes its world début. More details about the Tesla Semi would be most welcome, especially any and all updated specs that Tesla has at its disposal. Don’t be surprised if Musk spends some time during the Model Y’s debut to talk about the Semi. It is, after all, the next model in line for production. At some point, Tesla would want to divulge more information about the EV truck. What better place to do it, then, than at the Model Y’s debut later this week.

More Details on the Tesla Pickup?

2020 Tesla Pickup Exterior Exclusive Renderings Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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I’m looking at potential news and updates regarding the Tesla Semi as the more likely non-Model Y development we’ll see at the company’s L..A. Design Studio. But I’m not going to be upset if the event passes without any new information about the Semi. I certainly wouldn’t mind details on that front, but I’d be just as impressed if Tesla decides to go another route and talk about its all-electric pickup instead.

Like the Tesla Semi, the Tesla Pickup is still shrouded in cloaks of mystery at the moment.

Musk has made it clear that the Pickup will be Tesla’s next priority after the Model 3, and there’s been no reason to doubt that. There’s no guarantee that we’ll see the Pickup — even a prototype version — this year, but we’re not closing the book on that possibility, either. Tesla’s can roll out its cheeky side like the best of ‘em. If Musk ends up talking about the Pickup at the Model Y unveiling, we’re going to be the last people that will be surprised by that decision.

Model S and Model X Facelifts

2017 Tesla Model S Exterior
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The Tesla Semi and the Tesla Pickup are the two other new models that are in the pipeline. But what if Musk doesn’t end up talking about a new model, but an existing one that’s due for an update, refresh, or facelift? What if Musk drops a bombshell of sorts, specifically with regards to a mid-life cycle refresh of the Model S. Personally, I think it’s about time that the Model S receives something of that ilk.

I know Tesla doesn’t like to use the word “refresh,” so we can substitute it for something more palatable like, say, a “facelift” or an “update.”

Whatever it is, the Model S, and to a lesser extent, the Model X, is due for a facelift. We already saw something of that kind when leaked renderings of a Model S and Model X interior refresh came out last July. It’s possible that Musk could expound on this later this week. Actually, I’m not putting it past him from doing just that given the importance of the Model S and Model X to the company. Both models are due for a refresh this year, or whatever Tesla wants to call it.

Software, Software, and More Software Updates

2017 Tesla Model S
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2018 was a banner year for Tesla’s Autopilot system, in part because it started to show off its full potential.

If form holds, 2019 could be another big year for the technology, particularly if Navigate on Autopilot leads to some form of Level 3 autonomy driving on the highway. I’m pretty sure that some form of progress will take place as far as Tesla’s software updates are concerned. The real question is in what form will that “progress” manifest itself in? My money’s on important updates to the Autopilot system, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla has something even more elaborate on the table. Perhaps Musk will even talk about it in the lens of the Model Y later this week.

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