When I look at the newly facelifted Subaru Tribeca , I think one thing: what the heck happened to this automobile? It debuted with a very noticeable front- that was unlike anything else that you had seen on the road... Now it looks darn right plain with its smoothed out nose and plain-Jane headlights. I understand that Subaru has done this to give all their Subaru cars a family-resemblance- but this new front is not a direction that I like. While they say this new front is to resemble their “aviation heritage” - I think just think it is another Saab wannabe.

[Photo Via Subaru]

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  (1) posted on 04.9.2007

no me gusta el modelo nuevo de la tribecca 2008 esta horrible,muy mal diseño,esta mejor el diseño 2007 .

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