Could it be a spiritual successor to the TF?

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2019 saw MG launch a facelifted version of the ZS crossover, as well as an all-electric variant of the small SUV. Since then, the Chinese-owned British marque has been rather quiet. But come May and SAIC Design Advanced London, the first in charge of MG’s auto designs, revealed renderings of a very intriguing concept car. It’s called the Cyberster and unlike recent MG vehicles, it’s not an affordable hatchback or a crossover. A sleek and somewhat futuristic roadster, the Cyberster previews an electric sports car with infinite headroom.

The MG Cyberster has a strange name

Here’s a preview of something very exciting in the making, designed and developed by the UK & Shanghai Design team! Stay tuned for more... #saicdesign #sdal #automotivedesign #cardesign #mg #conceptcar

Posted by SAIC Design Advanced London on Monday, May 11, 2020
Not the most inspired name for a concept car, Cyberster seems to bring together "cyber" and "speedster" or "roadster."

Cyber is related to the culture of information technology and virtual reality, so we can figure out why MG chose it for this car.

Everyone wants to be cyber and futuristic nowadays and probably MG wants to suggest that the concept previews a new era for the brand or even a car with state-of-the-art technology.

As for the "ster," both "speedster" and "roadster" make sense, as they pretty much describe the layout of the car. Since the Cyberster is more of a targa model with rear-mounted rollover hoops, I’d say the British actually though of "speedster" rather than "roadster."

The MG Cyberster looks like a modern TF (or MGB)

What Is MG Hinting At With This Cyberster Concept Rendering?
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The Cyberster sports a classic roadster layout with a long front hood, a short deck lid, a heavily angled windscreen, and flying buttresses behind the seats. Although recent MG vehicles have been hatchbacks, sedans, and crossover, this layout isn’t a premier for the brand.

2002 MG TF
- image 10765

MG offered a similar roadster back in the mid-1990s. It was called the MG F (later the TF) and remained in production until 2011. Of course, the TF was a bit different since it had a mid-engined layout and wasn’t quite as sleek, but it’s probably MG’s way of returning to the roots. The Cyberster could also be considered a spiritual successor to the MGB, a sports car MG built from 1962 to 1980. Although it was also sold as a hatchback, the MGB was quite popular in roadster form.

The MG Cyberster previews an all-electric production model

What Is MG Hinting At With This Cyberster Concept Rendering?
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The Cyberster looks a bit too radical and expensive to go into production as is, but MG will probably design a less polarizing model for production. MG has already confirmed that this concept car features 5G connectivity and semi-autonomous driving, two features that will probably make it into production.

MG E-Motion Is the Company's Most Gorgeous Concept to Date Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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There’s no word as to what motivates the concept, but we do know that MG already has an in-house electric drivetrain that can deliver up to 310 miles of range per single charge. A car like this could hit 62 mph in around four seconds. It’s believed that the production model could be a competitor for the Mazda MX-5 Miata.

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