Porsche buys more VW shares

Is Porsche about to launch a bid to take over VW or are they just partners?

What’s going on with Porsche and VW?

We all know that the relationship between Porsche and VW has been shaky to say the least, Porsche invest in VW, in order to support the company and the industry in Germany. Yet is Porsche planning to take over VW?

VW have made some heavy investments recently, but in doing a company can leave themselves open to attack, especially if the company has borrowed money to fund the investments or building programmes, maybe the company floated more share onto the stock market, either case could make the company week and place it in a vulnerable position.

With VW the situation appears to be more at home, by at home I mean Germany, it is possible that Porsche wish to keep their status as probably the number one performing sports car maker in the world, yet with VW owning Bugatti whose cars are high value products, maybe the real purpose lies there, maybe Porsche would like to see Bugatti stopped from building the high performance cars all together leaving the way open for them.

So will Porsche take over VW? I don’t think so, but there will be a sort of deal made that will benefit both car makers.

What do you think?
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