• What’s to Hate About the Porsche Carrera GT? One Owner Found 10 Things!

There probably isn’t a more polarizing supercar than the legendary Porsche Carrera GT

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The Porsche Carrera GT is one of the most polarizing supercars ever built. On the one hand, it’s beloved for its unbridled ferocity and unrelenting driving experience. On the other hand, the Carrera GT has earned the nickname “widowmaker” for a reason. It’s a terrifying car to drive and numerous examples of the Carrera GT have crashed in recent years.

Adding to that, it’s also the same car that Paul Walker died in back in 2013. To this day, the Carrera GT is looked at with reverence and respect, for the most part, at least. But even a car of the Carrera GT’s stature isn’t immune from some shortcomings, and one Carrera GT owner — YouTube personality Manny Khoshbin — shared 10 things he doesn’t like about the Carrera GT. Granted, some of his gripes aren’t that serious, but he does make a few telling points about the Porsche supercar that validates its reputation for being a dangerous ride.

It seems sacrilegious to criticize a car that was voted the Top Sports Car of the 2000s by Sports Car International and placed eighth on the Top Sports Cars of All Time list, but that’s exactly what YouTube personality Manny Khoshbin did to the Porsche Carrera GT. To be fair, Khoshbin isn’t speaking out of turn. He’s not even rambling about a sports car that he doesn’t own. He actually owns a Carrera GT so he’s speaking from a position of someone who has experience driving the 603-horsepower supercar.

Just because the supercar has won numerous awards in its lifetime, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to criticism, and, to be fair, some of Khoshbin’s unflattering takes on the Carrera GT is hard to refute, too.

Simple things like the absence of any meaningful cargo storage area and the lack of outward visibility from inside the cabin are well-documented shortcomings of the Carrera GT.
What's to Hate About the Porsche Carrera GT? One Owner Found 10 Things!
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Speaking of the interior, Khoshbin also has a few bones to pick in this area of the supercar. The LCD screen, for example, is about the size of an old school pager. Considering that it’s supposed to display the radio and navigation system of the vehicle, the screen is preposterously small to even be called useful. I suppose the Carrera GT is a victim of the era as it was built when LCD screens were just new developments in the grand scheme of automotive technology. But hindsight being 20/20, it’s difficult to imagine the kind of useful functions that LCD screen has when it’s literally too small to even notice.

If you think about the car in those terms, the Carrera GT is a relic when it comes to modern technology. Again, that’s not the car’s fault, but since we live in an era of over-correctness, things like the lack of Bluetooth, WiFi, and infotainment systems become glaring absences to any car that was built in the last decade.

What's to Hate About the Porsche Carrera GT? One Owner Found 10 Things!
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From a performance perspective, Khoshbin notes a few more of the Carrera GT’s shortcomings.

Take, for example, the lift system, or the complete absence of one.

Without that setup that allows drivers to raise the car’s ride height in warranted situations, it becomes very tricky to drive the Carrera GT on the road lest you risk damaging its underside.

Another Khoshbin complaint is something that only people who have driven the Carrera GT will understand. According to him, the car’s first gear is very tricky, in part because you have to let go of the clutch with your left foot before you step on the gas. Not doing this stalls the car completely, something Khoshbin admitted he struggled with in the first few times he tried to drive the car.

What's to Hate About the Porsche Carrera GT? One Owner Found 10 Things!
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Some of these complaints are warranted while some can be chalked up to the car being a victim of circumstance. But Khoshbin’s biggest gripe about the Carrera GT is something that’s also well-documented about the car: it’s incredibly difficult to drive. A lot of people have had difficulties trying to control the car, and that doesn’t even include all the well-documented accidents involving the Carrera GT. The car, for what it’s worth, was deemed too far ahead of its time when it was launched in 2003, and that reputation has persisted throughout its lifetime.

What's to Hate About the Porsche Carrera GT? One Owner Found 10 Things!
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Is that a fair thing to say about a car that’s won enough awards to fill a mantle? Probably not. But the Carrera GT isn’t a perfect car.

It never was, even if we were led to believe that it came close being one. What Manny Khoshbin points out about the Carrera GT are things that other people agree with. It is a difficult car to drive, but in the end, it’s still considered one of Porsche’s holy grails. That proves, above all else, that even the most respected and admired supercars of all time aren’t prone to having their own issues.

Porsche Carrera GT specifications
Power unit V10 normal-aspiration engine
Bore 98 mm (3.86")
Stroke 76 mm (2.99")
Capacity 5733 cc
Compression ratio 12.0 : 1
Engine output 612 HP @ 8,000 RPM
Max torque 435 LB-FT @ 5,750 RPM
Output per liter 78.5 kW (106.73 bhp)
Max engine speed 8400 rpm
Top speed 330 KM/H (205 MPH)
0 - 100 km/h (60 mph) 3.8 seconds
0 – 160 km/h (100 mph) 6.9 seconds
0 – 200 km/h (124 mph) 9.9 seconds

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