We’re getting more miles between plug-ins, but what’s your magic number?

This past weekend, I had an interesting conversation about electric vehicles. I was at a birthday party chatting with an older gearhead (mid-60’s) about Tesla and what it would take to get him to buy a Model S or Model X. The gentleman was definitely from the old school, and his preferred automotive flavor was the Chevrolet Corvette, a fact made obvious by no less than three generations of the all-American sports car taking residence in his garage. But, being from California, the allure of the modern EV prompted him to visit the local Tesla store. Long story short, the gearhead in question liked the Model S for its stylish exterior, nice cabin, and impressive performance, but couldn’t get over the limited range per charge.

It was just further evidence that while EV technology is indeed advancing at breakneck speed, there’s still a lot of work to be done if we’re to expect widespread adoption. After all, if you really distill it down, a car is supposed to be about convenience, and it’s an obvious step in the wrong direction if you have to wait hours at the plug to go another few hundred miles. For some folks, that’s not an issue – just juice up at night and stick to your normal commute during the day. But most people are like the older gearhead I spoke with, and even 300 miles in the battery isn’t enough.

Which got me thinking – what’s your ideal range per charge, assuming current recharge times remain static? Let us know in the comments.


2017 Tesla Model S Exterior
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2016 Tesla Model X
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