These trucks come with working lights and suspension setups

Although the Cybertruck produced by Tesla is not going to arrive until 2022, the Cybertruck by Hot Wheels will be here by the end of 2020.

Hot Wheels and Mattel will be producing remote-controlled Cybertrucks in two sizes: 1:10-scale and 1:64-scale models. Both RC trucks were revealed at the 2020 Toy Fair and, believe it or not, the 1:10-scale model truck sold out within hours after it was announced. The demand was so high that Hot Wheels has even started a waiting list. The 1:10 model is priced at $400 and the 1:64 one at just $20.

What’s the Difference Between the 1:10 and 1:64 Scale Cybertruck?

The 1:10 Scale Cybertruck Is Loaded To The Gills

What Sets The Two Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertrucks Apart?
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The 1:10-scale remote-controlled Cybertruck comes with a top speed of 25 mph and an all-wheel-drive configuration


The 1:10 scale, which is considerably larger than the 1:64 scale car, even comes with fully-functional headlights and taillights, a working suspension system, and the same body geometry as the real deal. Hot Wheels is offering two drive modes on this as well – Chill and Sport. The 25 mph-claimed top speed is achieved in the Sport mode.

Hot Wheels even applied a broken window decal to “pay tribute” to the incident that will be remembered for a very long time. The truck is powered by a 9.9-V, 3300-mAh rechargeable battery and has a 1:1 charge/run time. Hot Wheels is selling this at $400 and, despite the sticker price, it is already sold out.

The 1:64 Model Is Compatible With Hot Wheels Tracks

What Sets The Two Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertrucks Apart?
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The 1:64-scale Cybertruck is a two-wheel-drive truck that features two drive modes. The top speed is rated at 500 scale mph.

This model measures just three inches in length. To put things into perspective, this is the same size as the traditional die-cast toy cars that Hot Wheels normally produces. In fact, it can even be driven on the track sets that Hot Wheels sells. You can buy this one for $20 but it features nothing special in terms of suspension, lighting, or geometry.

These Will Be Limited-Production Models

What Sets The Two Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertrucks Apart?
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Both models were revealed at the 2020 Toy Fair by Gerry Cody, Mattel’s Director of Product Design. The company describes the Toybertrucks as a “hobby grade-radio-controlled vehicle that is off-road and rugged terrain capable.”

He gave a peek of the RC trucks and a demo where the taillights and the suspension were seen in action. The production version, however, will also feature a manually-operated tonneau, a telescopic loading ramp, and a removable exterior that showcases the cabin. Mattel also announced that the mini Cybertrucks’ production will be limited to 500 models.

What Sets The Two Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertrucks Apart?
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The way things stand, hardcore Cybertruck fans finally got something to play with until the real deal Cybertruck gets to their driveways. Deliveries for the Hot Wheels Cybertrucks will kick off in December 2020. Have you ordered yours already?

2021 Tesla Cybertruck specifications
Single-motor RWD Dual-motor AWD Tri-motor AWD
Horsepower: >400 HP 690 HP 800 HP
Torque: TBA 824 LB-FT 1,000 LB-FT
Range: 250+ miles 300+ miles 500+ miles
0-60 mph: 6.5 seconds 4.5 seconds 2.9 seconds
Top Speed: 110 mph 120 mph 130 mph
Payload Capacity: 3,500 pounds 3,500 pounds 3,500 pounds
Towing Capacity: 7,500 pounds 10,000 pounds 14,000 pounds
Price $39,900 $49,900 $69,900
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