As BMW has awarded – without cost – a hydrogen powered 7 Series to comic (joke?) Will Farrell and perennial car guy Jay Leno. 
Now, BMW has inaugurated at television advertising campaign in which they show a picture of the Hydrogen 7 BMW, then show it dissolving into a pool of water. The voice-over says that BMW is ready, “when the world is.”
Who are they kidding?
Why are they lying?
BMW is loaning about 40 Hydrogen 7 vehicles to select celebrities. The power-trains on these vehicles are, in essence, hand built. These cars are experimental.
Their primary purpose is as a publicity stunt. BMW isn’t even attempting to conduct research with these vehicles. Both the product placement and the ad campaign make it clear that these cars were buiit for image, nothing less. They have about as much to do with reality as did GM’s Motorama dream cars in the 1950’s When you start driving your car with a joystick, the control mechanism of the original GM Firebird show car, then you can figure on BMW introducing a 3 Series with hydrogen as its fuel.
So, why is BMW pulling this stunt?
Because it’s cheap, at least compared to doing real research into making hydrogen powered vehicles a realistic production possibility.
Building a few hydrogen cars doesn’t require an investment in new technology, or much research. The concept isn’t new. It’s expensive, of course: that’s why it’s not on the market. But if it is charged off as part of the advertising budget, it’s not so expensive, proportionally.
BMW is engaging in a con job.
That’s otherwise known as public relations.
But it isn’t the driver’s car.
It’s the car for someone born when the minute hand was on twelve.

What do you think?
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pdaix  (431) posted on 09.18.2007

I believe BMW is indeed milking this Hydrogen 7 for lot too long. Either they can announce a production date for those cars, either they drop the all Hydrogen project. We have seen the Hydrogen 7 for 2 years and still not even one single Hydrogen vehicle coming up... Sad...

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