Looking back at Chevy genius marketing spin after an embarrassing live broadcast

Well, the Cubs just won the 2016 World Series. Back To The Future was just a year off from predicting the end to the team’s 108-year losing streak and Chevy just gave Cubbies MVP Ben Zobrist a new 2016 Camaro SS 50th Anniversary Edition. All this baseball talk brings back memories of Chevy’s 2014 World Series MVP presentation and how it turned from they year’s most awkward live broadcast to an award-winning PR spin called “Technology and Stuff.”

You might recall the video – San Francisco MVP Madison Bumgarner on stage with Erin Andrews and Bud Selig, along with Chevy’s Regional Zone Manager Rick Wilde. Clearly nervous and short of breath, Wilde stumbles through the talking points on the then-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. It was an immensely important time for Chevy. This was a live broadcast to millions of sports fans and Wilde had less than 30 seconds to convey as much information as possible about the advancements and features of the Colorado. Instead, Wilde lost his composure and improvised, saying the truck “combines class leading, (gasp) leading, ya know, technology and stuff…(gasp).”

It was a disaster.

But Chevy’s quick thinking PR team, Commonwealth McCann, stepped in to save the day. Mere hours after the broadcast, Chevy began using the hashtag #TechnologyAndStuff while monitoring the hashtag #ChevyGuy. The following day, the Colorado’s website featured a modified masthead with #TechnologyAndStuff hashtag. Chevy then bought advertising space for TV commercials, newspaper ads, and even TNT’s broadcast of LeBron James’ return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. More impressively, the Colorado’s launch date was pushed forward a full 10 days to take advantage of the media hype.

After five days of milking the #TechnologyAndStuff phrase, the term was retired into marketing history. Somehow Chevy’s embarrassing flub was turned into an engaging and entertaining marketing save that kicked off the Colorado’s launch with a bang. It certainly makes the 2016 MVP award ceremony and Camaro presentation seem dull in comparison.


Source: Commonwealth McCann

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