According to an online poll conducted by AOL, it’s not a football star Tom Brady. He made the finals, but lost to the winner. The winner is a driver, but it’s not Danica Patrick or one of those F1 guys. It’s not even a NASCAR dude.
It’s Ashley Force, NHRA funny car driver and daughter of NHRA legend John Force.
The poll was conducted by facing people off in brackets, with the winner proceeding to the next bracket. Ms. Force won over Ms. Patrick in the semi-final round of the female bracket competition and then won that competition by beating Jennie Finch, a softball pitcher. That pitted her against the men’s bracket winner, Mr. Brady.
And Ms. Force was the overall winner, over Brady.
She claims the title of AOL’s Hottest Athlete.

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  (372) posted on 10.18.2007

Hold the phone...Athlete? AOL must have lost their damn minds or at least their dictionaries. While racecar drivers are sportsmen and women, they can hardly be described as athletes, because driving is not atheltics. an "athlete" is defined as "a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength". Without sounding too "liberal" that would give the win to Tom Brady. Though, if I were asked I would have pointed to one of those Cuban shot put chicks. Lordie lordie...anyway...moving along...

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