A limited selection in U.S. market doesn’t help…

Ah, the iconic Land Rover Defender – Britain’s answer to the Jeep Wrangler and most utilitarian of utilities from the now-posh automaker. Though Land Rover stopped making the Defender only this year, the SUV has always been hard to find in the U.S. That’s thanks to our lovely governmental regulations on things like safety and exhaust emissions. It was only four model years that the Defender was offered Stateside before the Defender was no longer sellable.

Limited production numbers aside, why have Defenders appreciated so much in value – the average selling price of which has crested $70,000?

Well the odd-car-loving internet sensation Doug DeMuro spends nearly six minutes explaining why the Defender is so expensive. It’s a fun watch with plenty of detailed video angles of parts and features you might not realize existed. Without spoiling anything, the video will certainly renew your understanding of how quirky the Defender really is.


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