Watch this amazing BMW X3 M Competition give the Mercedes-AMG GT R a run for its money

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There was a time when SUVs were mostly family haulers and vehicles prepped to tackle the great outdoors. But once they became extremely popular, automakers began developing high-performance versions.

Nowadays, there are loads of beefed-up crossovers available and the BMW X3 M Competition is one of the most powerful you can buy at 503 horsepower. But thanks to aftermarket tuners, the X3 M can produce notably more power. Enough to give sports cars like the Mercedes-AMG GT R a run for their money.

Why Can't This Tuned, 700HP BMW X3 M Give The Business to a Mercedes-AMG GT R?
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This somewhat strange comparison comes from Track Day, which usually pairs sports cars in straight line racing but from time to time also pit SUVs and cars against each other. This time around, they picked a heavily tuned BMW X3 M Competition and the mighty Mercedes-AMG GT R. The latter is more than familiar. Around for quite some time now, it features a 4.0-liter V-8 engine rated at 577 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Tipping the scales at just under 3,600 pounds, it benefits from a tremendous power-to-weight ratio and it’s known for being really fast on the race track.

The BMW X3 M Competition is now slouch either in standard trim. It packs a high-revving, twin-turbo inline-six, but it comes with "only" 503 horses and 442 pound-feet of twist on tap. However, thanks to an aftermarket engine upgrade, it now generates 640 horsepower at the wheels or almost 700 horses at the crank. It’s over 1,000 pounds heavier than the Mercedes-AMG GT R, but the extra 100 horsepower makes up for some of that deficit. But can it take on Mercedes’ finest sports car?

Why Can't This Tuned, 700HP BMW X3 M Give The Business to a Mercedes-AMG GT R?
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As per usual, Track Day’s testing includes 35 to 150 mph and 0 to 150 mph runs. The first race from 35 to 150 mph ends up with the BMW winning narrowly and we can notice that the SUV has an aggressive launch. The second run, however, goes to the AMG GT R, which launches a little bit better and hangs onto its narrow advantage until the end. The third test was supposed to see the cars race from a standing start to 150 mph, but the X3 M Competition fails to activate its launch mode. After a few failed attempts to run the race, Track Day declares the AMG GT R the winner.

Not an ideal result and one that leaves us wondering what would have happened if the SUV’s launch control system would have worked properly? It could have gone either way depending on driver reaction, but it would have been really close.

Why Can't This Tuned, 700HP BMW X3 M Give The Business to a Mercedes-AMG GT R?
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Crunching the numbers, the outlet concludes that the Bimmer was a bit quicker from 40 to 100 mph, while the AMG was the faster car from 60 to 130 mph. This basically means that the Merc is just a tad quicker on the longer sprints, but a race between these cars is as close as it gets. Needless to say, that’s an impressive feat for the X3 M Competition, despite the fact that it comes with a solid upgrade under the hood.

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