• Why Tesla Has Chosen Netherlands For Its New Factory?

The Dutch are absolutely crazy about Teslas. Not only is the country home to Tesla’s first European manufacturing facility, but last year, the Amsterdam airport bought a whole fleet of Model S taxis – 167 of them, to be exact. Now, Tesla has just further expanded its presence in the Netherlands by opening a second factory in Tilburg. This city was already home to the first factory, but now there is a second. This new plant will employ 180 workers and will add 50,000 square meters to the manufacturing space that Tesla has in Europe.

While the Dutch do seem to love Tesla, this love wasn’t the reason for choosing Tilburg by itself. The small city is centrally located and a crossroads of sorts for both highways and rails. Tesla says that it can have a shipment of cars or parts to anywhere in Europe within 12 hours. And since the Tilburg plants are only for final assembly, the proximity to the Rotterdam port is also an important factor, as ships will be bringing in parts from the U.S. The Dutch government has also been making some serious efforts to improve its green image, and there were no doubt some tax breaks involved in the decision to build in Tilburg.

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Why it matters

Tesla hasn’t given much of an indicator as to why the second facility was needed, but it was no doubt built in anticipation of the new Tesla models that will soon be joining the lineup. There is the possibility of an added benefit though. As diesels are dragged into controversy and fraud allegations, it would not be surprising if some customers that were on the fence about buying an electric car were to finally be convinced to take the plunge. Tesla couldn’t have anticipated this, but the opening of the new plant is an example of extremely lucky timing.

Tesla Model S

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