Is this a Jetta? Oh yes, it is! Look deeper and deeper... We don’t know how to describe this: passion, fanaticism, obssesion? You might think what the body is very important. Well you might be right, but the inside is the one that really counts. With an elaborate system in mind, Kindig-it Design, the ones who are responsable for this had to lay the proper foundation. To damp down extraneous sound, they covered every interior surface with Dynamat Extreme. The electrical system also needed a boost. Under the hood, the factory battery got switched out in favor of an Optima, with two more lodged in the rear. That still wouldn’t cut it for hours on the show floor, so a Stinger power supply was installed, enabling the Jetta to be plugged into a 110-volt outlet.

You will also find in here: Both front and back door speakers as well as the rear fill are Memphis 15-MC60 coaxials, for the rear: sheet metal pods and hardware to mount them in new gull wing doors, the back seat passenger get extra fill, because the Jetta is designed to be the ultimate in car gaming (a PlayStation 2 and and Xbox can be found in here).

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