The sights at SEMA expand well beyond the air conditioned exhibit halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center and manage to spill onto the sidewalks and driveways surrounding the enclosed building. One such example of automotive excellence that just didn’t quite make it indoors is this wide body Nissan 350Z. It only takes a quick glance to see what makes this Japanese sports car so special, and as you slowly make your way around the vehicle you can see the color shifting Kameleon paint in action as it changes from an aqua green to a deep purple depending on how the light is reflecting off the Z’s aftermarket bodywork and onto your optic receptors.

Widebody Kameleon 350Z at the 2009 SEMA Show
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While this custom House of Kolor paint is more than enough to make any automobile stand out from the crowd, this 350Z’s owner went a step further with a winged wide body kit and a set of 20 inch Speed Star Rims to fill the now oversized wheel wells. Hidden away inside the multi spoke rollers is a big brake kit from Stoptech, which will come in handy, especially because of the Stillen supercharger bolted to the top of the VQ35.


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  (515) posted on 01.4.2010

We’re talking about this car yesterday and we debated about the performance of 350Z to 370Z. Well the argument is still in the process as of now but I commend this 350Z for being one of the ars of Nissan cars. Well a lot of good reviews on the net.

  (238) posted on 11.10.2009

This Z looks amazing. Can’t say the same about the color though. Chameleon doesn’t work on a car.

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