With the BMW M5 being booted, it seems Wiesmann had no choice but to start shopping around for a new engine to put into their replacement for the MF5 GT. Fortunately, they didn’t have to look far as the replacement engine - BMW’s V8 Twin Turbo - is all set and ready to plop into the German roadster. Evidence of this was already caught as the replacement MF5 GT was making its way around Nurburgring. Thank goodness for those wonderful spy photographers!

While the old MF5 GT was powered by the same engine as the BMW M5, the prototype caught testing is powered by BMW’s V8 Twin Turbo, the same engine used in the X6 and the X5 M sports SUV. The result of using this engine will be a weight reduction of about 100 kilos compared to the current MF5 model allowing its top speed to reach 200mh.

In regards to design, the prototype may seem like it features the same style as the model it replaces, but a closer look will reveal larger, wider wheels - 325x25x20 on the rear and 285x30x20 on the front - wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sports.

We expect the final car to have a few exterior modifications as well as a more luxurious interior when it finally gets released to the public. This debut should come a little after the debut of BMW’s new M5 set to be brought out at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.


Source: PistonSpy

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  (780) posted on 11.25.2010

Wiesmann is around since 1993 and the MF5 is already a few years old. this is the mule for the second generation MF5. all their cars are great, they take the best bits from BMW and make them better.

  (518) posted on 11.15.2010

You really, really need to get yourself a hobby or some sort of a life. I’m not changing my opinions for a giant knob like you

  (570) posted on 10.15.2010

While it isn’t the most modern design in the world- I like this better than the cross-eyed Morgan Aero 8. Also, you cant argue with 500hp, 7 speed sequential tranny and a top speed of 190+.

  (544) posted on 10.13.2010

I’ll take 3 please...all in flat black

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