There’s something about a car that’s decked in red and white color schemes that we find oddly attractive.

Whether it’s the pearly white exterior finish or the red upholstered interior, the Wiesmann MF5 Roadster look every bit like the car all of us have been pining to have. And now that it’s been unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the craving and yearning for this car has gone through the roof.

Sure, only 55 models are set to be released and each car costs a staggering $278,000 so there’s a big chance that we’ll never get to sit behind the wheel of one.

Then again, Wiesmann only creates cars for the big boys so you should have expected the MF5 Roadster to bring it. And ‘bring it’ it does.
The car’s BMW-powered 5.0-liter V10 engine, which if you must know, can rip out 507 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque, sitting under its hood is nothing short of monstrous. Likewise, the MF5 Roadster is capable of acceleration from a 0-100kmh in just a shade under 4 seconds and topping out at speeds of well over 300 kmh.

We can buy a lot of cars for a quarter of a million dollars, but while a lot of them can be considered as lavishly extravagant spending, somehow, spending that kind of money for an MF5 Roadster doesn’t qualify as overspending. Suffice to say, it should be worth every penny.


Source: World Car Fans

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