Weismann engineers will put their skills to the ultimate test when they assemble a car live at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

A disclaimer, though. They’re not going to build a car from scratch because, well, we assume that’s going to take more than a day, especially if you’re doing it by hand. What the engineers – we heard that there will only be two on hand for the public demonstration - are going to do, however, is to put the final detailing on a GT MF4 during the introduction of the company’s new GT M5 Roadster.

It’s a unique ploy by the German manufacturer to attract a crowd at the motor show, most of whom, have probably never seen a car being worked on by its engineers up close and personal. Weismann’s rationale behind this quick-fix-‘er-upper is to showcase the company’s exceptional skills and efficiency in building a car while in front of guests, customers, and media personnel.

We can’t think of any other reason – maybe apart from giving a car for free – to drum up interest in your brand than building a car in front of the whole place to see, so you can accept that just like us, a lot of people will be curious to see just how the engineers at Wiesmann handle the pressure of building a GT MF4 in front of what we expect to be a strong gathering of curious onlookers.


Source: Autoevolution

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