A little while ago there was a remarkably strange and one-off Beetle, that was pieced together using metal stands, which you can see for yourself here just in case you have missed it. But now I’ve across something even better. This utterly crazy and insane Beetle has one mission: dare present-day supercars’ performance numbers.

Up front, things look normal and casual. But the action and adrenaline come into play as you glance at its back. A 1,450 hp GE T58-8F chopper turboshaft engine staged at the rear.

The really entertaining bit is Ron Patrick, the architect, hasn’t got rid of the Beetle’s factory-fitted engine. He utilizes it to drive in the city. But when there is an open stretch, you understand what he’ll do, won’t you? Totally strange and totally cool. Rejoice by viewing the video.


Source: Environmental Graffiti

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  (520) posted on 07.21.2008

not the best looking Beetle, but i will like to see it runing on a track smiley

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