Forward thinking automotive designers are getting younger and younger these days. At age twelve we were exploring the world of middle school, girls suddenly became less icky and the homework started piling on. However there is one such 12 year old who has put down the PlayStation controller long enough to come up with a few rendering of what Porsche’s lineup of high performance sports cars will look like in 2013.

Will 2013 look like this for Porsche?
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What is so amazing is that these renderings look good enough to have come from a drafting table in Stuttgart. For the 2013-2014 model year, according to our up and coming designer, the 911 will be a few inches longer thanks to a new nose inspired by the GT3 race cars with larger air intakes and a more pronounced smile. Porsche’s latest entry level model will be a Spyder based on the rebirth of the classic 356. A few other drawings reveal a future 928 that is in fact a two door Panamera coupe and the Roxster that as far as we know won’t go into production. However these are some really good renderings that we feel will be right in line if not spot on as to what the German sports car builders will be rolling off the assembly lines a few years from now.


Source: Jalopnik

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  (780) posted on 01.14.2010

Let’s say that it will have a big possibility that a design of a Porsche will look like this but definitely expected a long process of discussion onto this matter. Seriously speaking, I don’t like the designs at all that I foresee vintage designs on this cars and we don’t want that on our generation.

  (815) posted on 12.6.2009

There are times that the best designs come from ordinary enthusiasts. And it is more appropriate if the designer is a little younger and can ride on to the modern car industry. With the designs release by Porsche each year, I think they’ve got the greatest automotive designers.

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