Change is inevitable, but will you lose connectivity if you upgrade to the new iPhone?

Apple’s latest media event kicks off September 7 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco and so far, it is looking to be a big event. The biggest news seems to stem around the new iPhone 7, changes to iPhone memory options, and the new Apple Watch. While this seems to be the buzz at the moment, we’re wondering if we’ll actually hear anything about the upcoming apple car or changes to Apple CarPlay, among other things.

Before I get too far off topic, let’s talk a little bit about the mysterious Apple Car. Apple has done well about keeping the meat and potatoes of the project under wraps. Originally, the brand was vetting potential partnerships with Chrysler and BMW, but those fell through over discrepancies over data. To put it shortly, BMW and Chrysler wanted ownership of user data, while Apple wanted to store all data in the iCloud. As of April 2016, both automotive brands were said to have stepped away. Months later, Macrumors suggested that negotiations with BMW – specifically surrounding using the BMW i3 as a template for the apple car. That, however, is just speculation and to the best of our knowledge, there are no plans for BMW and Apple to develop a vehicle jointly.

With that said, it’s quite possible that Apple has decided to take their own approach and develop a car they can call all their own. And, that only makes sense, considering the brand obviously wants the first vehicle with an apple on it to link in with all of its other products and services. With any luck, we’ll learn a little more about the yet-to-be-confirmed Apple Car during this big event in September. Outside of this, we’re also expecting the brand to announce changes to Apple CarPlay that could bring some kind of advanced connectivity between iPhones and vehicle infotainment systems. If nothing else, minor changes could bring more app compatibility.

Then, there’s the iPhone 7. Rumor has it that the iPhone 7 will be void of any headphone jack. While Bluetooth headphones and earbuds have become something of the norm, this is still a pretty big move. On the automotive side of things, it could have a dramatic effect on your ability to stream music inside the car. If you have a newer model that has Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth connectivity, you have nothing to worry about. But, upgrading to the iPhone 7 could mean you’ll need to upgrade your car, or at the very least the entertainment system if you want to stream music from your phone. For those of us who don’t have Bluetooth Connectivity or Apple CarPlay, we still do it the old-fashioned way – with a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable plugged into the auxiliary port of the radio. If the iPhone 7 ditches the headphone jack, you’ll lose that capability if you upgrade your phone. Not cool.

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So, What Next?

You probably thought I forgot to say anything about the apple watch. Well, I didn’t, I just saved it until now. The apple watch probably won’t have too much of an effect on anything automotive, but cool features could increase in-car connectivity. With built-in memory, streaming music from the watch to your car’s infotainment system could be possible. Furthermore, there could be the ability to transfer GPS and mapping information from your car to your iPhone 7 or Apple Watch before you take off on a little hike walk. I’m not talking about just specific points of interest; I’m talking about actual map data that would allow you to view where you’re at without needing access to the mobile network because, let’s be honest, no phone carrier has data service everywhere.

Of course, all of this is just speculation at this point. We’re working on a rendering of what the Apple Car could look like when it does debut, so stay tuned for that. Surely, nothing Apple announces this week will likely change your life dramatically, but it could have some minor effects here and there. For now, we’ll just sit back and wait for the show. If you’re interested in seeing the event live, you can check it out on Apple’s website here at 10 a.m. PDT or 1 p.m. Eastern. Stay tuned for updates after the event unfolds.

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