Tesla might deliver the world’s first reliable autonomous car next year

With so many carmakers working on self-driving technology, there’s no denying that autonomous cars are the future. But while some automakers are barely perfecting semi-autonomous cars, others are on the brink of introducing reliable autonomous systems. Tesla’s Autopilot feature is already pretty advanced, but it seems that Elon Musk has an even better system in the works. It’s called Dojo and we don’t know much about it, but Musk claims that it could make the difference.

What is Tesla’s Project Dojo?

Tesla confirmed the existence of Dojo at its Autonomy Day event earlier in 2019.

There, Tesla unveiled its new HW3 Full Self-Driving Computer that is now installed in the company's new cars, but also made a brief mentioning of another system, called Dojo.

"We do have a major program at Tesla which we don’t have enough time to talk about today called Dojo. That’s a super powerful training computer. The goal of Dojo will be to be able to take in vast amounts of data and train at a video level and do unsupervised massive training of vast amounts of video with the Dojo program – or Dojo computer," Elon Musk told people in the audience.

When asked about the Dojo program on Twitter, Musk declined to reveal actual information, but he did hint that it could be a game-changer.

So what makes the Dojo computer different you ask?

Well, it’s all in the way it processes information about the road ahead. Tesla’s current Autopilot system uses image frame processing for its network, which prevents the neural net system from being very accurate. The Autopilot works better than most autonomous systems out there, but it still has to be supervised by the driver in order to prevent errors (and eventual accidents).

Unlike Autopilot, the Dojo will have the ability to process videos, which translates into more information and context about the environment being fed to the system.

With videos coming in from the many Tesla vehicles already on the road, Dojo will be able to create a more precise network and process all traffic information faster. This way, it will be able to handle all the situations a driver can encounter on public streets much better than Autopilot. In short, Dojo’s self-driving neural network will be more reliable and should be safer when left unsupervised.

Of course, this is all speculation until Tesla introduces a demo car, and this won’t happen until 2020, but Elon Musk might be closer than anyone else to perfecting a fully autonomous system for production cars.

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