No, not to keep. It’s a loan, part of a BMW program to place 25 of the 100 experimental hydrogen powered BMW 7 Series vehicles with prominent Hollywood celebrities. Earlier, Brad Pitt had arrived at the Oscar ceremonies in one.

But now BWM has loaned the first of the vehicles designated for daily use.

To Ferrell.

Seems an odd choice, as though BMW were suggesting the car is really a joke.

But, turns out their thinking is that Ferrell’s an “environmentalist” and already owns both hybrid and electric vehicles. 

BMW calls this an “evaluation” program, but it is hard to view it as anything but a publicity stunt. Few Hollywood celebrities seem well-positioned to evaluate the merits of any car and they certainly don’t have typical driving patterns.

But, maybe BMW figured Ferrell got some engineering expertise from being Ricky Bobby

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tango  (372) posted on 08.21.2007

I think BMW erred on this one. I would think it far wiser to put the Hydrogen in the hands of people who are either critics of it or people who are neither here nor there on the concept. If technology is to reach the masses they have to convince the uncomitted or the nay-sayers. Not those who are already sold on the idea. But I guess there has to be the control element of every experiment so we may indeed see regular folks with keys to them. Until then...shake n’ bake!

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