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Lexus has been at the forefront of weird technology that doesn’t directly relate to cars lately. From the first working hoverboard to the electroluminescent paint that pulses in time with the driver’s heartbeat, Toyota’s luxury division certainly has a knack for publicity stunts that make you say “huh.” The latest of these was done with the help of will.i.am, for a performance of sorts of a remixed version of his song #thatPOWER, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was fundraiser to finally get some proper use of punctuation and capitalization.

Lexus Europe got the use of an airstrip in Spain and brought three 2015 Lexus NXs and stunt drivers. A series of motion-sensing lights and lasers were set up, and the aim was for the stunt drivers to hit the lights in time with the music. Failing to hit the points at exactly the right time would cause the whole system to restart. In essence, this is a giant game of Rock Band with cars, and where will.i.am is also riding along with you and making fun of you when you don’t get it right. What it accomplishes is less clear, but it’s entertaining to watch.
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This might look like just some cars driving through spotlights, but it took a team of 65 a full week to install the whole rig. The work was done by a firm called Marshmallow Laser Feast (really), who have done a lot of these kinds of things with lighting rigs for many of the world’s most famous music acts. The company also has a creative director named Barnaby Steel, so crazy names are apparently just the norm here. None of this really seems to serve much of a purpose, at least not for a company that sells cars and not lasers, but bonkers publicity stunts are always entertaining, and here’s hoping Lexus keeps doing them.

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Music, art and technology have been brought together in will.i.am’s spectacular remix of his hit track #thatPOWER for Lexus’s Amazing in Motion campaign. The unique interpretation was created live by the musician and global entrepreneur, using hundreds of motion and sound-sensitive lights and lasers and three Lexus NX crossovers, piloted by a team of top stunt drivers.

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Captured in a video released today, will.i.am takes on the role of the frontman, battling against speed and rhythm to conduct and navigate the Lexus NX by hitting a sequence of laser targets.

The unprecedented event was shot in the course of one night last week on a disused airstrip in Spain. The stunt team included Niki Faulkner, whose movie credits include the James Hunt driving sequences in Rush, the 2013 feature about the battle for the 1976 Formula 1 championship.

Commenting on the finished video, will.i.am said: “Working with the stunt guys to hit the laser targets in time with the music wasn’t easy to get right but the result was awesome. The combination of technology, design and music in this project was out of this world.”

The lighting and laser rig was created by Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF), famous for its work with the world’s leading bands, including U2 and Coldplay, and took a team of 65 technicians more than week to install.

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Barnaby Steel, MLF’s Creative Director, explained how the concept worked: “Together with Lexus, we’ve created a huge musical game with three stunt drivers as the players and will.i.am as the conductor.

“Music is brought to life when the cars hit beams of light that are motion sensitive at the correct time and rhythm. It’s basically like a giant laser harp with cars instead of fingers. The challenge for will.i.am and the drivers was to navigate the light points on tempo. When they fell off beat and triggered notes off tempo, the system had to restart.”

Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe, said: “We’re projecting that the NX will represent one third of all Lexus sales across Europe this year, so it feels right that we’ve created something as bold as this event with will.i.am – something that truly embodies our brand philosophy of Amazing in Motion.”

will-i-am And Lexus Create A Laser And Sound Spectacular
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The Lexus NX, introduced last autumn, marks Lexus’s entry into the mid-size premium crossover market. The range includes both the full hybrid NX 300h and the NX 200t, powered by Lexus’s new 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine. The NX has quickly become established as one of Lexus’s fastest-selling models in the UK and Europe.

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