Yesterday, Lotus did something rather interesting. The British sports car maker sent everybody in the automotive industry a picture of Stonehenge and then boldly announced a new era. Of course, this obviously means the new Lotus Esprit, but perhaps there is more to this new era than we think.

According to a report out of Malaysia, Lotus owner Proton has hired a load of ex-Ferrari, Porsche, and Aston Martin employees in the hopes of turning the company from a quirky Toyota based sports car company to a real luxury supercar brand. So, gone are the days of a basic motor with a light frame. Instead, Lotus might become complex, which is sad in a way, like the end of an era.

The new Lotus Esprit will most likely be getting a V8 of some sort and engine supplier Toyota has just that. The 5.0-liter 416 horsepower V8 from the IS-F would do nicely in the new Lotus and it would help it compete with other sports cars in that segment. That being said, more power is in order if Lotus wants to rival Ferrari.

According to the report,Lexus’s 4.8-liter V10 from the LFA might be made available. The engine puts out 552 horsepower and can even break wine glasses. It makes perfect sense, as Lexus spent a boatload of cash on this motor and are only going to put them in 500 or so cars. So, why not get some of that money back by selling a few to Lotus?

So, would anybody buy a Lotus with that much power? Of course they would, but what made Lotus so special was the low price and insane handling ability, not big thirsty motors and massive price tags.


Source: Paul Tan

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  (211) posted on 08.3.2010

This can have a future but it will sure have a long way to go before it can beat or even level with Ferrari.

  (216) posted on 08.1.2010

If Lotus makes cars similar in line with the Evora I would gladly buy a Lotus. If they make a car that LFA powered but not LFA priced as well as looks I would sell my bait and tackle to buy one.

  (434) posted on 06.28.2010

Well as much as many want to joke I’d like to believe that if Lotus did join he convinced them to stay the course of their core mantra. Lotus in my eyes see’s what people want and why they like certain cars.

  (205) posted on 06.27.2010

Pretty gorgeous car! Well I guess pretty Lotus is hinting that it will soon become a true luxury sports car rival to Ferrari.

  (507) posted on 06.27.2010

It looks promising but for sure it will have a hard time beating Ferrari. The 599 GTO is the front liner of Ferrari today.

  (859) posted on 06.25.2010

Lotus Engineering has also formed a strategic partnership with engine component company Fagor Ederlan to put the 1.2 liter three-cylinder Lotus Range Extender engine into production.

  (1023) posted on 06.24.2010

it looks more like a lamborghini reventon.. but hopefully it’s performance can compete with ferrari.

  (387) posted on 06.23.2010

there is no doubt that it can compete with the ferrari. with it’s performance, am sure it’s enough to compete not only to ferrari but also lambo and mclaren.

  (3) posted on 06.23.2010

looks like a gallardo

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