• Will The BMW M4 CSL Bring Enough Fight To Combat the Porsche 911 GT3?

We’re not saying that a BMW M4 CSL is coming for sure, but there are rumors suggesting it

There’s been a lot of talk on the internet about a potential BMW M4 CSL coming to market and with the launch of Porsche’s new 911 (992) GT3, the idea of a lighter, more powerful, and hopefully nimbler M4 makes more and more sense.

Will The BMW M4 CSL Bring Enough Fight To Combat the Porsche 911 GT3? Exterior
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Coincidence or not, the first rumor suggesting a BMW M4 CSL is brewing came one week before Porsche unveiled the 911 GT3.

According to a thread on Bimmerpost, the new M4 CSL will become reality in 2022, with production expected to kick off in July the same year. Production will be very limited, which is not exactly a surprise, and there’s no word on what sort of firepower it will pack under the hood.

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However, we expect it to be lighter than the regular M4, because that’s the biggest disadvantage BMW has to fend off if it wants to rival the new 911 GT3. See, the freshly-revealed GT3, although bigger than the model it replaces, tips the scales at just 3,163 pounds (1,435 kilos), and that’s in its heaviest form, with the seven-speed PDK transmission.

In the opposite corner, the BMW M4 is quite porky as BMW Blog puts it, with a weight north of 4,000 pounds (1,800 kilos). Given that there’s not much of a power gap between the two sports car – the GT3 has 502 horsepower while the M4 produces 503 horsepower in Competition trim, weight (or the lack of it) will prove decisive in a would-be future rivalry between the two monikers.

Will The BMW M4 CSL Bring Enough Fight To Combat the Porsche 911 GT3? Exterior
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Power figures aside, the GT3 rocks a naturally-aspirated, 4-liter engine, while the BMW has a 3-liter engine aided by a pair of turbos.

These engines sport different soundtracks and more importantly, different driving characteristics, so when and if the BMW M4 gets a CSL badge, it’ll be very interesting to see how what particular derivative fares against the 992 GT3 and whether BMW manages to shave enough fat off its hips to make it competitive.

Until then, the new 911 GT3 is the undisputed king, at least in our book.

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