LR2 to get a 4.4 ltf V8.

It seems along natural that a Land rover should have a V8 in the front, it was always the favourite choice in the past, nothing has changed really.

Will the Land Rover LR2 get a V8?

It had to come, there has always been the possibility that there would be a demand for it, and finally Ford have relented and it looks like we may be seeing the old faithful V8 sitting in the front of the new Land Rover LR2.

There will be a huge difference in power from the V8 and the sound of those eight pots thumping out the beat as the engines is almost the cost difference alone, the choice of engine is likely to be the same as used the one used by Volvo in the XC90 and S80, which is built by Yamaha and is 4.4 ltr.

There is no solid plans to introduce this format into the Land Rover stable either now or at a later date, yet it does make perfect sense to see this vehicle with a V8 pulling it along.

What do you think?
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