• Will the Nissan 400Z Be Worth the Price?

Is Nissan’s new Z-car really that good?

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The next Z-car from Nissan is one of the most talked-about cars at the moment. It promises a visceral driving experience, great chassis, and retro-futuristic styling. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the letter “Z” and the cars that feature it. This is the latest one. Referred to as the 400Z, the Japanese sports car looks back to its predecessors and takes some of the best features from each of them. So far it all looks good. But as we are all wondering, will Nissan price the car right?

Will the Nissan 400Z Be Worth the Price?
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The Fairlady Z, as it’s known in Japan, has been around since 1970. It all started with the Datsun 240Z, which was a compact sports car with an inline-six. Those cars are still popular and we quite often find them with a variety of engines swapped into them, including the RB26.

Nissan has continuously given us engaging rear-wheel-drive coupes. The 400Z is heavily-inspired by the 240Z and 260Z generations, but it also carries some elements over from the Z32 300ZX, like the taillights.

Will the Nissan 400Z Be Worth the Price?
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YouTube channel Raiti’s Rides has been invited to Nissan US Headquarters to take a sneak peek at the latest Fairlady. In addition to going through many of the things that make the car great, Joe (the host of the channel) also suggests that the expected starting price of $35,000 would make it the best bang for the buck, as far as Japanese performance cars go.

But can it really compete with cars like the Toyota Supra, BMW M2, and even Porsche 718? You can watch the video and decide for yourself.

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